Advantages of Buying or Selling a House during the Holidays

12 Dec Advantages of Buying or Selling a House during the Holidays

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Homeowners are often confused about the best time to sell a home is, this ends up confusing the buyers more on the right time to make a house purchase. In fact as the holidays are nearing, most sellers are wondering whether they should remove or keep their property on the market. In the past there was a belief that you should not try to sell your home during the busy holiday season. But things are changing as technology is advancing people are using their gadgets to look for things to buy.

With internet you find that potential buyers can be able to use their smartphones, laptops or tablets to look for homes to buy even when on their holidays. The reality is, the real estate during the holidays sales are quite high according to statistics. This out washes the traditional conventional wisdom that you can’t be able to sell your house during the holidays. The following are insights about how/why selling or buying a home during the holidays might be good.

Why Buying a House during Holidays is the Best Decision 

  • Less Competition – there is usually less competition eliminating the bidding wars, this may translate into bigger discounts for you.
  • Serious home sellers – no one would take such serious time when they are supposed to entertaining their friends and family to list their property. Thus, you will get a serious seller willing to negotiate with you as well as a greater respect for the offer that you make on their property.
  • Faster mortgage approval – for buyers who do not have enough money to buy a house will get fast mortgage approval since most lenders are not busy during this time of the year. There is less volume of people and this means faster approval rate.
  • Greater affordability – home prices in Erin Valovich are usually high but you find that during the month of December they are lower than any other time of the year. If you want to take the advantage of low interest rates when buying a house the time to act is now.

Why Selling a House during Holiday Might be good

The points discussed on the benefits that a buyer is entitled slightly inclines to the seller. But the following are two main reasons why selling your house during the holiday season is the best decision you can make ever.

  • Motivated buyers – you find that anyone who takes time out of their busy holiday schedule is a serious buyer. Thus, enlisting your house for sale during the holiday season is the best idea in finding a serious buyer.
  • Your home looks great – another important factor that every seller should keep in mind is that emotions play a huge role in home purchases. Through decorating your home to make it look cozy and cheery during showings can land you an interested buyer. Make sure you decorate your house to attract home buyers and not to distract them.

Finally, it is imperative to mention that pricing is one of the key factors in real estate during the holidays since the prices increases and demand increases. But, since the demand of buying a new house typically goes down during the holidays, prices tend to drop. This is the great time for bargain hunters who are willing to stand their ground and bargain hard for a house.


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